A Film about BaBa ZuLa

© Levan Uzbay Constantly flying a film about  baba zula
© Levan Uzbay

Constantly flying is a feature documentary about BaBa ZuLa, one of the most important Turkish psychedelic bands.

A film about music, psychedelia and more in Istanbul.

Directed  by Adriana Cordeiro

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World Première
In-edit festival Kickstarter
 28 Oct. – 7 Nov. 2021
In-Edit Festival, Barcelona



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The film

BaBa ZuLa pushed the classic Turkish psych sound of the 1970s, also known as Anatolian rock, forward into the 21st century with Eastern influences creating a unique psychedelic sound.

In recent years we have noticed a resurgence of Turkish psychedelic rock, not only in Turkey, but in Western Europe. We consider it important to make an approach to this musical movement through the music of BaBa ZuLa and the musical heritage of Turkey.

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Over a period upwards of 20 years, BaBa ZuLa have released over 10 albums and taken their mind-blowing live performances across five continents.

Their groundbreaking songs can lead you to a different dimension, where time has a different pace and feelings bloom freely in a ritualistic celebration of freedom of expression.

Liberation may be the feeling one experiences after a BaBa ZuLa concert. As lately we’ve been forced to keep indoors, a feeling of liberation is something most of us need and desire. Let’s allow the music of BaBa ZuLa to free our minds.

Join us on our musical journey with the musicians of BaBa ZuLa through the streets and corners of the ancient capital of Constantinople.

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Director & Producer: Adriana Cordeiro

Assistant Director: Arzu Zeynep Demirtaş

Screenwriter: Kika Serra, Adriana Cordeiro

Graphic Designer: Vincent Bernat

Editor: Núria Calafell Obiol

Sound Designer: Enrique G. Bermejo

Colorist: Aline Biz

DOP: Khaled Tanji, Uğur Evin

Camera : Adriana Cordeiro, Zahed Mukayed, Arzu Zeynep Demirtaş, Ahmad Haj Omar

Photographer: Arzu Zeynep Demirtaş, Ahmad Haj Omar

Production Assistant: Utku Erguder

Translator: Arzu Zeynep Demirtaş,Emir Demirtaş

Up until this moment the whole film has been produced in a fully independent manner.

We need your help to continue post-producing Constantly flying.

This documentary has been one of the finalists of the international call In Progress, launched by the In-Edit Music Documentary Festival Barcelona, in partnership with Kickstarter.

We need your help to make this project reality.

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